“Going to Carolina Way allowed me the opportunity to witness firsthand the Christian community here on campus. Knowing 100 people out of 30,000 seems insignificant, until I see those people walking around on the first day of classes. Just that in and of itself provides encouragement to live out according to God’s will without shame or embarrassment.”

— Charlie R., first-year camper (Lincolnton, NC)

“Thank you so much for such an amazing experience… I can’t imagine all of the work that must have gone into it! I truly grew so much in my faith and feel more prepared for college than I ever imagined. This camp has been such a blessing in my life."

— Lyndsay C., first-year camper (Huntersville, NC)

As a sophomore who didn’t get to do it her freshman year, it’s been cool to see how much easier the transition was for freshmen than it was for me. And how the friendships didn’t stop after camp. I think it’s opened the door for so many cool conversations and friendships that might not have happened otherwise.

— Cameron B., sophomore counselor (Elkin, NC)

Carolina Way immediately smoothed my transition to college, as I was introduced to 100 people that all desired to pursue their faith in college. It was great to have a group of people right off the bat that I knew and could talk to and hang out with. It truly was the best way to kick off my college experience with unbelievable teaching about how to pursue God in college, and the foundation of friendships that will last a lifetime.

— James W., first-year camper (Raleigh, NC)

“Thank you so much for having Carolina Way Camp. It’s so nice to already see familiar faces around campus and it was amazing to realize that there are people who believe what I do that don’t want to party all through college. God is working through you guys in amazing ways.”

— Sarah W., first-year camper (Matthews, NC)

“Thank you endlessly for pouring into me, giving me wholesome friends for the next four years and eternity, and for teaching me the value of seeking Jesus with my entirety in this season of change. From loading the bus to the adventures me and my new friends have had in HoJo tonight, I could feel the power of the prayer that has been spoken over Carolina Way for a long, long time.”

— Holly S., first-year camper (Rutherfordton, NC)